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Design Tour
June 7th, 2019

Crafts(wo) manship @ 1070 Vienna
with Alexa Brauner & Ana Marcu
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Mag. phil. Alexa Brauner
Felix-Mottl-Straße 42/8
A-1190 Vienna
Mobile: +43 664 3403744

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Design Tour

Design & Crafts(wo)manship @ 1070 Vienna
Tour 2019 June 7
Start 3pm at Zieglergasse 24
End appx. at 6pm at Kaiserstraße 8

Tour in English with Alexandra Brauner
und Ana Maria Marcu (

The 7th district of Vienna is one of the most creative areas in the city. We will start the tour at Zieglergasse 24 and look behind the scenes of Jarosinski & Vaugoin, where finest silver ware has been designed and crafted since 1847.
During this tour we will also visit the atelier of Robert Comploj, glassmaker. There you will get some fascinating insight into the world of contemporary glass design. Our next stops are dedicated to fashion aspects and at our last stop we will give you an insight into he making of finest leather handbags. At the atelier of Albert Pattermann will be the final sneak into the creativity of this neighborhood of Vienna.

Booking at or
Price: 25,00 € (20% VAT incl.) pp
Max. 20 participants

Book now!
Limited number of participants - first come, first served!

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